Event Driven Webhook Notifications API

Any supplier Zaui system is capable of directly POSTing details of events as they occur within the supplier system to your SSL-secured server endpoints.

What is a Webhook?

A Webhook is just a push notification from our system to yours. For example, a New Employee Webhook lets you set up a push notification to your system each time a new employee is added.

Why use a Webhook?

Webhooks allows easy integration from one application to another. You run a tour company, and every time a customer pays on your website, you manually input their details into your membership management system. This process quickly becomes tedious as the rate of new customers increase.
Using a webhook is one way to make processes like this automated.
Webhook Data
Membership System
Event: customer books on your website
Name: John Doe
Order: $55.00
Customer is entered
Webhooks are an incredible tool that saves you a lot of work.
Last modified 3yr ago