Contact Data

Description of the contact data sent as payload to your endpoint.
The event data model delivered for this category:
The Contact Data model is delivered on: Creation, Amendment or Removal
eventNotificationGroupId: 400
eventNotificationTypeId: 400 or 401 or 402 (Create, Amend or Cancel)
"eventNotificationCompanyIdentifier": "b6589fc6ab",
"eventNotificationCompanyName": "North Shore Seaplanes",
"eventNotificationDateTime": "2021-02-04 12:44:11",
"eventNotificationGroupId": "400",
"eventNotificationId": "4",
"eventNotificationIpAddress": "",
"eventNotificationName": "contact create",
"eventNotificationSystem": "support",
"eventNotificationType": "Contact Creation",
"eventNotificationTypeId": "400",
"eventData": {
"contact": {
"accountId": "398",
"accountName": "Expedia Europe",
"addressLine1": "Suite 423 119 W Pender",
"addressLine2": {},
"birthDate": "N/A",
"city": "Vancouver",
"contactId": "603",
"country": "Canada",
"department": "LX Tours and Activitites",
"email": "[email protected]",
"fax": "604-123-1345",
"firstName": "Walter",
"homePhone": "604-123-1345",
"lastName": "Cronkite",
"mobilePhone": "604-123-1345",
"officePhone": "604-123-1345",
"state": "British Columbia",
"title": "GM For LX Europe",
"username": {},
"zipCode": "V6B1S5"