OCTo Specification and Zaui

Connecting resellers with suppliers of attractions, activities, tours and ground transportation products and services.


This documentation details Zaui Software's implementation of the OCTo API Specification which is an open API standard initiative for the experiences industry. More information about the OCTo specification and who's part of it can be read here: https://www.octo.travel/.

Please note, that as of April 2024, we have upgraded our OCTO implementation such that a supplier ID is no longer required as part of the endpoint path. Previously, this was the case, but this way of structuring endpoints was discontinued from the official OCTO specification. Additionally, an API key will be issued for each reseller <> supplier pair, whereas previously, only one API was issued for each reseller. However, this change is backwards compatible and requests to our original endpoints are still valid and will yield a response. If you would like a copy of the original specification, please email us at connectivity@zaui.com.

In addition to all the attractions, activities and tours products, supported through the OCTo specification, we at Zaui, have extended our implementation to also support ground transportation(GT) services, using the same specification.

Zaui implements the core OCTo specification and also provides the following optional capabilities:

  • Content

  • Pricing

  • Pickups

  • GT-Locations

  • GT-Connections

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