Test Credentials

How to get your test credentials and begin selling

Step 1: Getting Test Credentials

You can easily register for test credentials by signing up using the Zaui Reseller Signup Form.

The signup form will ask you for a company name, email and password. You'll need this information to access the test portal where you'll be able to check the bookings you've made, check availability and troubleshoot your connection.

The API Key will work for both the Zaui IO Reseller API Spec and the OCTo Zaui Reseller Spec. If you are currently using the IO Spec, you do not need a new key, however, you are welcome to signup for a new key.

Step 2: Build Your API Integration

All resellers are required to implement the Basic Capabilities: Product Mapping, Availability and Booking specifications. All other Advanced Capabilities are optional.

Step 3: Verifying Your Bookings (Test Supplier Booking System)

The login details provided from the Zaui Reseller Signup allows access to Zaui's Test Supplier Booking system. You should receive the link to the booking engine, username and password.

Click the three dots next to the cart icon to access "My Bookings" and you can see all the bookings created under your reseller account. Use this portal to check whether your fields being sent are correctly and that your API calls are being registered correctly within the platform.

My Bookings will show all bookings created through the API and manually through the supplier portal.

Step 4: Finalizing Your Connection

Once you have verified your connection works by creating a new booking and cancelling it in the Supplier Test System, send an email to connectivity@zaui.com with the booking confirmation number and let us know that testing is complete and the connection is working as expected.

We will then enable the supplier to connect with you.

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