Getting Started

Everything you need to know before making your first API request

The Basics

The process of making a booking through the API requires the following order of steps:

  1. Mapping: Map all products you wish to resell.

  2. Checking Availability: Check inventory and obtain an availabilityId to reserve and confirm the booking.

  3. Booking:

    1. Reserve: Temporarily reserve the booking using the availabilityId.

    2. Confirm: Finalize the booking. You need to store the supplierReferenceNumber.

    3. Update (not currently available): You will need to cancel the booking and repeat Steps 1 and 2.

    4. Cancel (optional): Cancel a confirmed booking.

Mapping must be completed at least once. As the supplier manages the data available for each product, you may recall the mapping many times.

For Resellers of Attractions, Activities and Tours.

You will need to implement Mapping, Check Availability, Booking-Reserve, and Booking-Confirm.

Advanced Capabilities are fields such as Content and Pricing that you can choose to implement in addition to the basic calls listed above. Although optional, they may provide the functionality to improve your integration.

For Resellers of Ground Transportation.

You will need to implement Locations, Connections, Availability, Booking-Reserve, Booking-Append, and Booking-Confirm.

The GET /locations/ endpoint will return a list of all possible places the supplier provides ground transportation pickups and dropoffs.

The GET /connections/ will return a service list based on the query for departure location and arrival locations.

You can, of course, call GET /connections/ directly without first calling GET /locations/ provided that the departure and arrival locations are encoded, see the endpoint description for details on the encoding format.


The OCTo Specification defines a single endpoint that provides a list of suppliers with a single API key.

The unique API key provides access for a single supplier in Zaui. Save this to your database.

All communications must be over HTTPS

OCTo user Bearer Authentication which you can use to authenticate

GET /octo/supplier HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer {your_bearer_key}

JSON Content-Type

All requests are JSON and must use Content-Type: application/json in the header and the request body must be a JSON encoded string. Every endpoint will return JSON.

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