Advanced Capabilities

An overview of all of the advanced OCTo capabilities that Zaui offers.

Zaui has provided addition capabilities outside of the core OCTo specification. Resellers of attractions, activities and tours all are optional. Resellers of ground transportation products, you will be required, if your not mapping all products (not recommended), that you make use of the /supplier/:id/gt-locations/ and the /supplier/:id/gt-connections/ API calls.

To use any of these available capabilites refer to the Headers section of this documentation. You must set and pass the OCTO-Capabilities header indicating which capability you wish to access.

Check back with our documentation, and we update the list of capabilities.




Product core extension providing content, video, images


Extension which adds product pricing details when contextual is appropriate (products, availability, booking, connections)


Added hotel location data for products, including pickup locations and location amenities


Adding a complete pickup and drop-off location data for ground transportation including location data, pickup or dropoff or both, and amenities Ground Transportation Specific Capabiity


Adds advanced meta searching and transportation route connections mapping in a single capability. Available locations are provided using the /gt-locations/ capability. Ground Transportation Specific Capability


Allows grouping of interval time slots into Morning Departures, Afternoon Departures and Evening Departures.

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