Credit Card Transaction


paymentGatewayId – optionally your call can include a different payment gateway ID, then it is used as the default in your system. Payment gateways are passed through on the zapiGetSystemInformation call

currencyId – passing this will indicate that you wish to transaction the payment for a specific currency.

To enable this you must: Have currencies enabled in your system Must have a valid currency for the sale date

Valid currencies for your order are always passed back as part of the Cart Object. When using this feature, in conjunction with the paymentGatewayId field, please note, if the currencyId you have passed already has configured a payment gateway, this will be used instead of the paymentGatewayId you have passed. If the currencyId doesn’t have a payment gateway configured, then the paymentGatewayId passed will be used. If neither of these is configured, the default gateway will be used.

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