Process Single Transaction

This method is used to create all transactions on open ZAPI cart objects (this includes refunds).


GET https://{yourdomainname}

In the most basic scenarios, all that is needed is the `cartId`, `transactionType`, and `transactionAmount`. When transacting in Cash or Pay Later, no further info is needed. Credit Card Transactions For credit card transactions the details of the cart being transacted need to be included in the request, this can be done in three ways: 1. For most gateways all that is needed, is to provide the card name, number, expiry date, and security code, the rest is handled on the back end with the gateway. 2. For Stripe transactions not using Stripe Terminal hardware, Stripes libraries must be used to build Stripe Method Id tokens to return to Zaui. In this case, no other credit card info needs to be sent, just this token. 3. For transactions using Stripe Terminal hardware, pass the token generated by the device's SDK to the Stripe Payment Intent parameter. As with above, no additional info is needed when passing this token. NOTE for Stripe Transactions: The API keys needed to provide the Stripe Libraries/SDK access to your Zaui system's Stripe account can be retrieved using the zapiGetSystemInfo call.

Query Parameters

{    "name": "Cake's name",    "recipe": "Cake's recipe name",    "cake": "Binary cake"}
            <token />

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