Getting Started


A word on some important items on the topic of authentication with your Zaui system:
    User of the API is always through an existing user (contact) in your Zaui system
    There is no special API user
    Your required to add a new contact to your system when you wish to generate a new token
    Each application/service/user must have a single unique token
    All requests must come through POST HTTPS

Creating an API Token

Once you have created the contacts within your system you can now create and manage their ZAPI tokens. Tokens are managed from the Contacts -> Manage ZAPI Partners from with in your Zaui system.
To create a new token:
    Contact -> Manage ZAPI Partners
    Create API Partner from the left menu
    Select the contact/application/service from the list

Submitting to the API


​API Throttle and Exponential Back-Off

To ensure continuous quality of service, API usage can be subjected to throttling. The throttle will be applied once an API client reaches a certain threshold. Zaui reserves the right to throttle any and all API clients to ensure quality of service for all Zaui Software customers.
We return a HTTP 503 Response with the error node populated with expected back off wait times.
We encourage all API developers to anticipate this error and take appropriate measures like:
    using a cached value from a previous call, or
    passing on a message to the end user that is subjected to this behavior (if any),
    implement exponential back-off in your logic

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